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Welcome to the InterLinked Projects! We've compiled a gallery of our favorite projects and we're ready to share them with you before they go public. Many of them are still works-in-progress that we still need to ring the cinks out of. But enough about us, what do you think? Which ones should we develop first?

There're still some rough edges on this page. Please bear with us as we try to get some great projects up on this gallery for you to see. We think you'll like it!

The "Landline Project"

Project Status: In Progress

The landline telephone will always be a necessity in the global era of communication. Ironically, American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) hasn't provided telegram services since 1913 and is hitting on the FCC hard to get out of the landline business. The truth is that unregulated cellular and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies are much cheaper for telecommunications companies to provide and much more profitable. Unlike a landline, you can't get 99.999% reliability with cell phones or Internet communications. VoIP phones won't even work in a power outage, a huge drawback of digital phones. And with cellular and VoIP phones, forget about excellent call quality and reliability. And yet, phone companies are pushing hard to dump their remaining landlines and go digital. Click on this tile to learn more.

Error Messages

Project Status: In Progress

Have you ever wanted to prank your friends? This collection is the perfect way to befuddle even the best techies. Our collection of actual Windows error dialogs can be modified to say anything. We've alreay compiled many of the latest and greatest for you — they're also extremely realistic. Each error is contained within its own folder and contains a LNK file and a VBS file. Execute the LNK file to run the shortcut, not the VBS file! For best results, store the folders of the errors you want on the local hard disk somewhere the unsuspecting user will not find, like in the System32 folder or in a subdirectory of their AppData folder. You can use Task Scheduler to randomly open a shortcut. Set the Action to open the LNK file for the error in question, and then the trigger to be a certain time. Make sure the random delay is enabled. Great for April Fools, as well as playing random pranks on any unsuspecting tech novices. Once we're done this project, we'll create a new page where you can download the error dialogs.

TeamViewer Download Portal

Project Status: Complete

Many times, you need to use remote-access software on computers that you don't have administrative rights over. Well, we've solved that problem for you. A completely portable TeamViewer solution is just one click away! With these utilities, there will be no need to forward ports or change system settings — simply run the executable and you're all set to go!

Student Center

Project Status: Not Started

Student Center is Windows software for student management. Unlike Infinite Campus, Web Grader, or SkyWard, Student Center is software with built-in Windows functionality, and integrates directly with Active Directory, which eliminates the need for extra systems or logons. Stop worrying about managing your grades, and start working on improving them instead!

Professional Security Suite

Project Status: Not Started

Another program designed to work closely with Active Directory and Group Policy, this Security Suite is designed to be the premier security software you need in the Internet of Things era! Control who can unlock certain doors or windows by defining rights on a per-group basis. Businesses can use this to grant employees access to their building, and automatically log that as an event through Active Directory. This software also integrates directly with Task Scheduler. To use this software, you will need your own hardware, including computers running Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 R2, and any objects you wish to manage, such as locks on doors and windows, must be wired into your network on the same domain that is being used to control the software. You can place this equipment in the same place as your domain controllers. This one-time purchase opens up a whole new world of oppurtunity, flexibility, and security for your building, because you will be in charge of your security, not some other company, which means that no internet connection is required which increases security. If you would like the ability to add telephone service to your system so that it can automatically call 911 for fire, medical, or police services when nessecary, you can simply connect a telephone line to your computer and the software will do the rest!

Global "Calendar" Conflict Registry

Project Status: Not Started

You know that sinking feeling you get when you book an appointment, and then realize you had another event planned at the same time already? With the GCCR, these feelings will be a thing of the past — this smart extension for Microsoft Outlook will communicate with GCR servers worldwide when you create a public event, and automatically add it to the "Global Registry" with your "Public Track ID" by adding it to as many "No-Conflict" lists as possible, of which these is at least one that every track is apart of. Becuase only one event can occur on any track at any given time, if a public event conflicts with a track, it will be removed from that list. You can harness this data by subscribing to your favorite "No-Conflict" lists to make sure you never double-book again!

Touch Lock

Project Status: Not Started

This SMART Lock, dubbed the "Touch Lock", will avoid the uncertainty of locker combinations we face today. Have you ever told a friend your combination and then later wished you hadn't? Say goodbye to combination locks and say hello to the Touch Lock. Rather than using a combination, it uses biometric technology to analyze your fingerprint. Simply touching the lock will allow it to unlock, and snapping it back in will cause it securely lock again. To control which fingerprints can be used, connect your Touch Lock via USB cable to your computer to configure your lock. You will encrypt your lock with a password so nobody except you can modify its configuration once it's active. You will scan fingerprints from the lock to the computer which will then return it the lock securely. To modify who can gain access to your locker later, unlock it yourself and then reconnect via USB to your PC and enter the password. You can scan in more fingerprints or delete fingerprints using the user-friendly console.

This Project Does Not Exist

Project Status: Complete

Don't look at me. Go look at something else.

Batch File Scanner

Project Status: Not Started

If you're in IT, or you do a lot of development, you've likely come across a host of .bat and .cmd files in your lifetime. Maybe you make sure they're safe by opening the file in a text-editor and examining the code. With this piece of software, you'll no longer have to do that. You can scan one batch file, or multiple batch files at a time and this software will do the rest. It will even tell you about various operations it may perform and what the end results will be. This software is a must for any power user! This utility will also validate your batch files and suggest potential errors that may occur when running them or provide tips for optimization. Additionally, you can export collections of batch/cmd files into a single EXE file so you can distribute your executable to others without permitting them to modify it. Adding this to a logon script will also prevent domain users from figuring out what code is being run.

The "Polar Bear Project"

Project Status: Not Started

Although polar bears are not yet endangered, they are a threatened species. As global warming persists (yes, it's happening), the polar bears' habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate. Polar bears hunt for seals on the bay ice, but as our winters grow shorter and warmer, the polar bears have less time to hunt for seals in the winter and must survive on land for longer stretches of time without food, meaning that polar bears and humans are encountering each other more often. Please help save the polar bears — they are a fantastic species and it is crucial that they are still around for our grandchildren in generations to come. You can help simply by raising awareness for the polar bear. In the future, we plan to have a dedicated website where you can show your support for this amazing creature — until then, you can spread the word and reduce energy consumption within your home. Recycle and reuse instead of throwing it away; walk instead of taking your gas-guzzling vehicle if possible — there is so much you can do and it does make a difference! If you do your part, and everyone else does theirs, we can live, rather than dream of, a greener future! Until we launch "The Polar Project", where you can donate money to the cause and raise awareness for the polar bear, you can click on this tile to read our Polar Bear blog post for some furry inspiration.

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