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Do You Need a Website?

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Today, almost every successful business has an online presence. While social media might be increasingly relevant today, a website is the ultimate go-to for your customers. Even if you're just one person with a story to tell or you just want to offer small commodities, a website will automatically improve the credibility of your business by 900%. If you don't know how to make a real website by yourself, we can help. We've decided to offer you a chance to get your own custom website in the easiest way possible!

So, what can you use a website for? Here are just a few ideas:

  • A personal blog
  • A classroom website or wiki
  • A family intranet
  • A resource page

So, why can't you just use a WYSIWYG editor online like Weebly or Wix? You can, but these editors come with many limitations. First of all, you're not making a real-website. For people with no experience with Web Development, this might sound inviting, but you're much better of learning how to make websites from scratch and then creating your own than using one of these. Many programs make you pay for features that you could easily code yourself in just a few minutes. And even if your website looks great at the end, you wouldn't get the same satisfaction of having made it all by yourself.

When you make your own website, you can control exactly where everything goes down to the final details and how you want everything to look. And if you want your own domain name and email at your domain, you're probably going to want your own website too. If you don't know how to make a website yourself, we can help! We'll work with you through the process or even design the website for you. Rest assured it will be a real website, one that you control and one that truly brings our your character and dulcet tones.


  • Initial Website Creation: $5.00
  • Hourly Labor: $3.50
  • Monthly Hosting through us with free subdomain: $2.25

Please note that we do not pay for a domain. We do not build dynamic websites. If we host your website for you, it will be at a subdomain of our choice. You can pay fees with either PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, or cash.

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